Electric Field Effects in Catalysis

Senior investigators of the CCI are co-teaching a course titled “Electric Fields Effects in Catalysis” that is being offered in Spring 2022. It is intended for undergraduate chemistry majors and first/second year graduate students. This course will provide a real-time exposition of an emerging area of study that is at the interface between chemistry, physics, engineering, and biology to understand how electric fields can be used to catalyze chemical transformations. The course contains the following components: (1) the theoretical underpinnings for catalysis in nanoscale electrical environments, (2) the experimental tools used to study these chemical transformations, (3) experimental demonstrations of catalysis in electric fields. For each of these three elements the course will draw on elements of organometallic/organic catalysis, quantum mechanics, enzymatic catalysis, and nanoelectronics to form the basis for understanding this new branch of catalytic science.